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Welcome home

We offer a cleaning service that takes the anxiety, stress and hassle out of your cleaning. We do the hard work so you don’t have to!

Moray Cleaning Fairies are a handpicked team who love nothing more than a bit of good old hard graft. We don't actually have magic wands, but you might think we do! We specialise in regular domestic cleaning, spring cleaning, military march outs, end of tenancy, pre-sale, and holiday home changeovers. Find out more here 

If you’re in Forres, Elgin, Lossiemouth or elsewhere in Moray and need help with domestic cleaning, we're here when you need us.

Why Moray Cleaning Fairies?

With us you’ll have peace of mind that:

  • We’ve got your property (and our staff) fully covered with public liability insurance of up to £2M
  • Your regular domestic Fairy has provided us with a police check
  • We’ll provide a replacement for your regular Fairy if they can’t be with you for any reason
  • Your Fairy is getting paid a fair, living wage (well above the national minimum)
  • We choose products which are as kind as possible to the environment, our Fairies, and you!

Plus, we give you our Fairy Pledge:

What people say

"You did a wonderful job and I am incredibly grateful. I’m a total clean freak so it has been frustrating for me not to be able to do much due my injury. In 3 hours flat you transformed everything and made it all super sparkly - even better than my own standards! It was simply magical! Thank you, dear cleaning fairy!" - Dorota, Forres

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Our Fairy Pledge

(excuse the pun!)

Whether you’re looking for a regular domestic, or one-off clean, we always love to help.

We’re reliable, consistent, and totally trustworthy. We pride ourselves on being flexible and going the extra mile every time. We value our staff so they’ll always do the best they can for you.

Put simply: we know the importance of giving you a service which is more than ‘just’ cleaning!

picture of Ailsa Stinson founder of Moray Cleaning Fairies

The Magic’s Back!

By FairyGodmother | 20th June 2018

Ailsa Stinson – the original Fairy Godmother – gives her blessing to the next generation. Now under new management and sparklier than ever, the Cleaning Fairies have their wands at the ready again.